Our Week in Pictures

This week was one of the most beautiful since spring began. It was fairly warm and the sun was shining here in Georgia. So, we spent most of our time outdoors hiking and climbing trees! The kids used their binoculars or "Onoculist" as my daughter Jade calls them, to look for birds and squirrels. We followed deer tracks and found sweet little flowers on the forest floor.


Jade was convinced there where crocodiles, or as she calls them "crocydiewals," in this little creek.

A cardinal pair made a nest in my sons favorite climbing tree. So, he is now on the look out for a new one.

When we were not outside hiking, we were inside painting and learning about Greenland Sharks! My son even got to ask questions from a real Shark Scientist online! That was really neat. We then learned about octopus, black warblers and our all time favorite snake...Titanaboa! Then we moved on to reviewing Paraceratherium, learning about Australopithecus and then Giganotosaurus! All of that was because my son wanted too! I was just along for the ride. Jade, meanwhile, painted beautiful pictures, on herself and my dinning room table....

We also had our very first Tea Party! It was quite the treat to have tea with baby cow, Mr. Dinosaur, Elsa, and Rapunzel....Yoda was not invited.

Gabriel had his best friend over one day and they played with LEGOs for three hours straight!

Finally, we went to the play ground. This gave Gabriel a chance to practice his sling shot while Jade practiced sliding and climbing on the picnic tables.

We had a really great week of play, nature, and unschooling....although my dining room table may never recover.