The First Hike of Spring

The weather has been steadily warming and today the sun is shining. Its time for a hike! But first things first...Gabriel wants face paint. He is slightly obsessed with J. R. R. Tolkiens Goblins/ Orks. He seems to feel the face paint somehow connects him to these mysterious creatures. Also, the best way to be prepared for an adventure is...face paint? Well, you never know what beastly creatures you might run into I suppose.

Once his face is painted, he dons his boots, raincoat and backpack. Jade just wants her tutu and boots. I have to convince her to put a shirt on!

We head for the trail that circles around our apartment complex. A nice little path leads us through the woods. As we walk we listen to the birds singing and try to guess which species it is. After we make our guesses I google the song on my phone. Its a neat little way to learn!

We come across some strange holes in the ground that Gabriel hypothesizes are snake holes. I'm not sure what creature made them but the kids were very interested.

Strange cracks and crevices catch the children's attention and they must investigate!

We made a new friend today! Gabriel takes him home for a few days of observation. I foresee us researching snails! Gabriel gives the snail the very complicated name of Snailly the Snail!

I am sure we will have many more outings like this, unschooling and nature at it's best!