What Homeschool Looks Like

The Science Festival in Atlanta, GA. is a very exciting experience for a science loving kid. It is a first for Gabriel as is the train ride to Centennial Olympic Park where all of the booths are set up!

Gabriel had me put war paint on him before getting dressed....because that's what you do as a 7 year old boy about to go on an adventure! He may or may not have an obsession with J. R. R. Tolkiens orks and goblins war paint.

This was a Father/Son experience that I am so glad they were able to have.

Gabriel started out learning all about the muscles and tendons in his legs needed for jumping.

He learned about Morris Code and then made a color coded necklace that spelled out his name using Morris Code!

They both Hula-Hooped for Cancer Research!


He enjoyed some interactive math problems and won a prize!

Finally, he learned about Solar Particles and Electricity.

There were hundreds of booths and exhibits. Over 10,000 people enjoyed the experience of the Atlanta Science Festival, but if you ask Gabriel his favorite part...he said it was being there with his Papa.