A Beautiful Day with Papa

An overcast day is full of possibilities. When Papa comes home early, we abandon all other pursuits to go play with him.  As we make our way outside, we stop by the pansy beds to look for bugs.

They can only find one lone bee.

We stop by the mailboxes so Papa can check the mail.

Then we make our way to the playground.

Papa and Gabriel throw the ball to each other for a while....

 Jade tries to make sense of the heels she chose to wear.

She decides to lose the shoes and climb up the slides.

The boys take a rest and plot their next adventure.

They decide on Monster Tag....and Papa is the monster! Even Jade joins in the fun.


Gabriel then decides that Papa is a Great Ape and he must ride him and hit targets with the ball!

Jade, not wanting to be out done by big brother, must also ride the Papa Ape. But instead of throwing a ball, she snuggles up and sniffs her blankie. She is definitely tired, and we realize the hours we have spent outside with Papa have come to a close. Time for a nap!