What Homeschool Looks Like

This post is a part of the What Homeschooling Looks Like series over at Our Life At Home.

I chose this photo of my son as we were leaving the library this week. The library is such a magical place for us. The whole world is at our fingertips. I have a strict policy when I take my son to the library.....He chooses what he wants to read, always. I never make him pick a book. I may give him suggestions, but ultimately he makes the decision.  He has a very eclectic taste in books too. So, we left the library with a book on dragonology, a book on mythical creatures, a book on climate change, several dinosaur species books, a book on cave bears, a book on whales, a book on gorillas, a book about a ship sailing on rough waves, a book about a little boy playing in the snow, and a silly children's poem about a house that Dracula built. Like I said, eclectic!