Homemade Play-Doh with Jade

Play-Doh is a basic of childhood. We have all played with it, made weird looking creatures with it, even eaten it. You know you have! The texture, color and mold-ability is what brings children to it time after time. My 2 year old daughter Jade is a play-doh fanatic.  She received her first official play - doh on her birthday in November. It has been a whirlwind love affair between her and the colorful doh. She loves putting small blocks, buttons, sticks and shells into the colorful doh. She calls it her "Cupcakes".

It has been two months since she received her play-doh. Unfortunately Jade has a habits of leaving it out to dry. So, she is out of doh and she has asked me daily for her "Cupcakes".  I have decided to make a large batch of play-doh today. I looked up some You Tube video on making it and found I already had all of the ingredients needed.

Here is what you need:

In one large bowl mix...

5 cups of Flour    (I added more flour as I kneaded the doh)                                             2 cups of salt  

In 3 separate smaller bowls, mix into each bowl....                                                                                                                                                          2 Tbsp. oil                                                                                                                                       1 cap full of food coloring  (we used red, blue, and green food coloring)                        1 cup of water

Add 1 cup of flour mixture into a smaller bowl containing oil water mixture and mix well. Add another cup of flour to oil mixture a little at a time, mixing well. Sprinkle flour onto cutting board and put oil/flour mixture onto cutting board. Knead play -doh adding more flour as needed until consistency is reached. This will make 3 bowls of play-doh.                                            

This was a really fun and messy adventure. Jade helped through out the whole experience and she really enjoyed herself. If you have the time and do not mind the clean up, then I highly recommend making play-doh with your little ones!