Our Week in Pictures Feb. 14th-21st

My sister and brother-in-law decided they they wanted to spend their vacation with us this past week of February. We are always delighted to have them. We always have the best fun together. They live in the mountains of Tennessee and we go to their farm several times a year. Likewise, they come to Georgia to see us.

The day my sister and brother-in-law arrived, it was Valentines Day. Gabriel had worked the previous week on a treasure box for his Valentine, Angel. They both enjoy collecting rocks, crystals and fossils. He wanted her to have something to put her collection in. She is Gabriels best friend. So my sister and I took Gabriel and Jade to an indoor play ground to meet with Angel and her mom, and give her the Valentine gift. Playgrounds are always a big hit. Indoor or out the kids have a blast making new friends or playing with old ones. After 3 hours of play Jade was ready for a nap...and so was my sister.

We have a tradition when we get together with my sister and brother-in-law. We watch terrible B rated movies after the kids go to sleep at night, and we play games during the day. Last time Gabriel learned how to play the game Sorry and Chess. This time he learned all about Monopoly (The Zelda Edition), Uno, Munchkin and Story Cubes (Prehistoric Edition). All of these were so much fun for him and the rest of us as well!

My sister and I always do some sort of craft when we are together. She is a very crafty crafter...I just sort of tag along and follow her lead...like the time we made a rag rug or pillows to match or when we made salt and sugar scrubs. This time we made tutu's for Jade. First we went to the craft store to get all of the supplies we needed...4 colors of Tulle, elastic bands, hot glue gun, sequins, and ribbon. After we got home we piled our hoard on the dining room table and went to work cutting, tying, sewing, and gluing. Jade was so happy to get new tutu's even if she wasn't happy about having her picture taken.

My brother-in-law always takes Gabriel under his wing and teaches him about an inventor from the past. This time he talked about Archimedes and gave an explanation of the principles of the lever, the designing of innovative machines, such as Archimedes screw pump, compound pulleys, and defensive war machines.

My sister always gets Gabriel in the kitchen for the making of some sort of treat/science experiment. She has him do all of the measuring and pouring. This time it was Rock Candy!

We did pedicure spa treatments together too!

It is always hard to say goodbye. But even more so for Gabriel.  He adores his Aunt and Uncle. We reminded him that in a couple of months it will be our turn to go visit their farm and that helps comfort us all until we see each other again.