The Sky Blanket Project 2016


 I've always wanted to be a knitter but never followed through with actually learning the skill. Last year I finally taught myself to Knit. YouTube videos were a fantastic way for me to learn everything I needed to know. As a mom, and a homeschooler, knitting provides me with a relaxing outlet for creativity and the "ME" time that I need. In 2016 it is my goal to add in more of how I achieve this "ME" time and maintain my sanity here at Nourishing My Scholar.

So what is a Sky Blanket? I had actually never heard of it until Aly over at Bug, Bird and Bee mentioned that she was helping to co-fund the Sky Blanket project. Basically you will Knit, Crochet or Quilt (whatever you want to do) a block or a row each day to represent the color of the sky. I am going to be knitting myself a blanket. But you could make a scarf. I've heard it's best to pick the same time each day as your reference but you don't have to. I am going for the colors of the morning. I will be using

  • 6mm Bamboo needles
  • worsted weight yarn in various colors of blue, grey and white
  • as of writing this post I am undecided as to what type of stitches I'll be using for each square. I'm contemplating a seed stitch, or a moss stitch.
  • casting on 10 stitches & 14ish rows per square (I may adjust the rows if needed to create my squares)
  • notebook for keeping track of my progress 

You can join too! The blanket or scarf can be knitted, crocheted or sewn. It just has to be inspired by the sky each day of 2016