Our Family Hike at Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and My New Camera!


My husband gave me an early Christmas present this week, a Canon EOS Rebel T5 Camera! Up until this point I have been photographing everything for this blog with my phone camera. I have been wanting a DSLR camera ever since I started blogging...which is going on a year now. Imagine my surprise and excitement when this little beauty showed up at my door!

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So, without further ado...here is my first post with pictures solely from my new Canon EOS Rebel T5 Camera...with the exception of one photo. My husband snapped a photo of me snapping a photo of the children. It is pretty cool!

We took the children for a hike at the Autrey Mill Nature Preserve. We love this preserve and hike the trails often. Even with mother nature preparing for her winter slumber there was much beauty and peace to be found. Our son, Gabriel, dressed as a Guardian of the Galaxy Star Lord for this hike. He completed his look with a pair of rocket boots...notice the plastic pink cups taped to his boots....yeah, rocket boots. When we were first getting into our car to drive to the nature preserve, Gabriel was concerned that our vehicle wouldn't be able to hold a Star Lord. Luckily for everyone...our Star Lord just did fit. Our daughter, Jade, was simply happy to run free up and down the wooded trails. We all had a lovely time walking through the forest, listening to the calls of birds and discovering new things. 

 I believe I'm starting to get the hang of this camera. It's light and easy to use outdoors. I am quite happy with the shots I achieved. Now, if anyone could give me any pointers for photographing indoor, low light, fast moving subjects...I would greatly appreciate it!


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