A Week in the Life of Unschoolers


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Well, another week has gone by. It's been a rough week for our family. We are coming off of a virus free-for-all that went through our house. The Pediatrician said it was the Norovirus and apparently our toddler, Jade, picked it up at party on Halloween night. Eight out of the twelve kids at that particular party also came down with this nasty little bug. The symptoms lasted about forty-eight hours. The kicker was that once Jade started feeling better our son, Gabriel, came down with it. Then I caught it. It wasn't pretty.

With at least one person being sick at any given time this week, we did not go out at all. Instead we stayed occupied indoors where the bathroom and the LYSOL were always within arms reach.

So, other than sleeping, what can you do with your kids when you or they are sick? Quite a bit actually. Our biggest saving grace was, by and far, books! Our kids really enjoyed curling up in their tent and reading together. We read several of Brain P. Cleary's titles dealing with math: "On the Scale, a Weighty Tale", "The Action of Subtraction", "The Mission of Addition", "A Second, a Minute, a Week with Days in It."  "Punctuation Station" was a fun read about...you guessed it, punctuation! "Thank you, Mr. Falker" was a tear jerker for me about a little girl and her struggles to read. We enjoyed several books about animals and their adaptations: "OWLS", "When Fish Got Feet, Sharks Got Teeth, and Bugs Began to Swarm", "Dinosaur Families", "Why Why Why do Lizards Stick to Walls", and "Creature Features." We fell in love with the book "Mistakes that Worked!" This awesome book tells of many items that were discovered by accident or were flat out mistakes. I highly recommend this book if you have a perfectionist in your house like us. Did you know that Chocolate Chip Cookies were a mistake?

Gabriel wanted to keep reading the book "Eragon" this week. We have been reading a chapter a day for a few weeks now and are about half way through with it. Gabriel also wanted to start "The Hobbit." He has read the Hobbit several times, but it is by far his favorite book.


There was loads of dancing and twirling at our house as well as LEGO building while watching documentaries. Interesting documentaries really come in handy when the kids are up half the night. Netflix is an awesome resource for them, but we also keep several recorded on our DVR.

While watching a documentary on the Engineering of Egypt, Gabriel built his own Sarcophagus! This is funny because I didn't even think he was paying attention. That is.... until he started telling me about the different chambers in King Tut's tomb...

As the kids started feeling better they wanted to paint and draw. Sometimes you need to be half way under the bed to draw a great picture.

The children sorted and played with bowls of beans and sand several times. This kept them busy for a good hour each time.

 One day, when I was feeling the worst, they were being suspiciously quiet. I was surprised to find them playing beautifully together with puzzles! 

Then came that period of time where everyone feels better and are loaded with energy but per the pediatrician you need to wait 24 hours before going out. Yeah, good times. The kids were bouncing off the walls! Good thing it was laundry day. Apparently, running and jumping into the laundry is great fun and tires every one out.

We are all much better now and are looking forward to all of the possibilities this new week holds.


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