Harry Potter Christmas Tree


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This Christmas we wanted to do something really special and maybe start a new tradition. I give you...the Harry Potter Christmas Tree! 

We are big fans of Harry Potter. We've read all of the books and have watched all of the movies. Our son, Gabriel actually dressed up as Harry Potter for Halloween this year. So, it wasn't much of a stretch for us to create a Harry Potter Christmas Tree.

The hard part was creating...creating a snitch, creating the flying keys, and creating the Hogwarts House Crests. I made a quick trip to a local craft store and picked up some wooden tags. I thought these would work great if I could manage to get the House Crests onto them. I drew a quick sketch and then filled in with some Prisma Color Markers. I love these markers! Then I outlined it all in black. I was pretty happy with the way they turned out.

Next I took a golden ornament like these and hot glued a feather on either side. Ta Da! Instant Golden Snitch!

As I worked on making the flying keys from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, my husband and our daughter, Jade, helped unpack the Christmas lights and Nutcrackers.

The children hung our red crackle glass ornaments while I finished our flying keys. We were going for more of the Griffindor colors for this Harry Potter Tree. I used these Extra Large Keys and white feathers to create them. I made about 15 of them but several didn't make the kid test... FYI: feathers are kinda delicate.

The Golden Snitch and the House Crests turned out really great. We added our red grape string lights to add that little Umph!

I ordered a couple of owl ornaments to go on the tree because every wizard needs an owl! We have a Snowy Owl, a Gray Owl, and a Brown Owl made of natural items. I also had a porcelain owl ornament from many, many...many years ago.

I found these glittery reindeer ornaments at The Dollar Store and we used them for Harry's Patronus. I cut the antlers off another one which created the doe Patronus of Professor Snape.

We even made potion ornaments! We used crushed charcoal for Floo Powder, Dried Tea Leaves for Gillyweed Potion, and Golden Sugar Crystals for Wolfsbane Potion. I used some of Gabriel's scrap parchment paper to make the tags for a more authentic look. We had made loads of parchment a few months back by soaking copy paper in tea until it attained that old look and then lightly burning the edges of the paper. Super easy.

We finished off the tree with the Griffindor scarf I made Gabriel for his Halloween costume, the broom that Gabriel and his Uncle made together, a Sorting Hat, and then my husband hung several battery operated tea lights from the ceiling with my sewing thread. I LOVE this tree! My husband Loves this tree! The children LOVE this tree. I think this is a Christmas tree we will all remember.

Here is a list of some of the items you can use to create your own Harry Potter Christmas Tree! 


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