A Week in the Life of Unschoolers!


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Such a busy week and it has flown by. With Thanksgiving upon us some of our normal routines have been altered. The beauty of homeschooling and unschooling is that you just go with the flow of life. Our public school friends were out of school all week. Where did they end up? Our house of course! It fills me with joy to realize that our home is a welcoming place for others.

We managed quite a bit of reading this week. I love how the kids devour new books, but it can also be a struggle. Weekly library trips usually keep the children happy. This week we read Violet the Pilot, The Very First Thanksgiving Day, The Thanksgiving Story, If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620 (My personal favorite of the week), Don't Know Much About the Pilgrims, Squanto and the First Thanksgiving, The Thankful Book, Apple Picking Time, Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf, and OWL Babies.


We are still doing tea time in the afternoons, which is when the children read aloud and I catch up on my knitting while enjoying a cup of tea. This is one of our favorite parts of the day. Gabriel also decided on his first entry for his "Monster Book of Monsters" which we created a few months ago. Werewolf!

We combined our Green Kid Crafts Box this month with a Wonderology kit, Gabriel had, as they both dealt with Volcanoes. The kids learned all about what causes volcanoes and the different types. They had loads of fun!


Gabriel had his yearly check-up with the Pediatrician. All is well with our growing boy and Jade made a statement by walking in like a movie star.

Jade painted pumpkins while sipped on a hot cup of coffee early one morning....bliss.

Gabriel's room is starting to look like a LEGO Fire Walk and what does he want for Christmas? More LEGO's!

The Amaryllis Gabriel planted has begun to sprout. He is hoping for flowers by Christmas.

We were outside playing, riding scooters and riding bikes daily.

Climbing trees is always a favorite around here too.

Then, there was the cooking and baking. Our children LOVE helping in the kitchen! The kids made cupcakes and pudding for their friends...Jades cupcakes were amazing!

With their friends help, they all made Pumpkin Pies, and Treacle Tarts!

On Thanksgiving Day Jade fed the yeast that Gabriel used to make the rolls for our dinner. They were so yummy!

Jade cut the apples (with supervision of course) and mixed all of the ingredients to make an amazing Apple Pie! Seriously, it was to die for.

Gabriel and I seasoned our Turkey and put it in the oven.

Once the Turkey went in the oven, we all headed outside for a family walk. The children played and collected items to place on our Thanksgiving table.

Their Centerpiece turned out really nice and their food was truly delicious. We had a lovely Thanksgiving meal together.

We have so much that I am thankful for. 

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