A Week in the Life of Unschoolers


Another full week has gone by. We had family visiting for most of it and the children loved having visitors. My sister and brother-in-law came from their farm in Tennessee to hang with us here in Georgia. We loved having them. The kids adored the epic battles at the playground in the rain with Uncle Joe. 

Just because we had guest didn't mean that our son, Gabriel, wasn't running on full blast and learning all that he could or wanted too. On the contrary, he was still assimilating knowledge left and right. He crushed his Paleobiology class. He learned all about caudofemoralis, ichnofossils, and the metabolisms of dinosaurs. This is an online 12 week class through Coursera that he was determined to take. He is currently on week 5.

Gabriel and Uncle Joe built Mandolins out of old Groovy Lab boxes. Then they gave us a little concert!

There were several Lego challenges through out the week. Gabriel finished the "Jungle Book" on Audible. He is still reading the book "Eragon" and has started re reading "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." He has insisted on another Harry Potter themed week. My sister has been busy all week making "Hogwarts Robes" and "Broomsticks" for the children. So our "Hogwarts School" begins on Monday. I don't know who is more excited...Gabriel or myself.

Our daughter, Jade, enjoyed her new glitter paint and treasure box from her Aunt Stephanie.

Gabriel decided he wanted to learn Spanish. We tried the program Duolingo but he didn't like it. So he settled for Rosetta Stone and LOVED it. He has spent an hour on it everyday since. He says he wants to also learn Chinese, Animal Language and probably create his own language, ha! I'm not sure about the Animal Language unless he means their body language....

He perched himself in the kitchen doorway and wanted to discuss water conservation, filtration, and the next mass extinction. This is a favorite spot of his. He's beginning to rub the paint off.

Our little tornado has been busy with dominoes and animal cards. 

We made a trip to Urgent Care on Saturday because Jade was running a fever, had a headache, sore throat, and coughing. They believe she has the virus her brother had the week before. Poor baby just doesn't feel good.

Virus or no she still enjoyed making fairy dough.

Gabriel said he was a herpetologist or a specialist on snakes. His favorites are the Black Mamba and the prehistoric Titanoboa. He found every book in the house that referenced snakes and began reading. Did you know that their digestion is similar to ours...only longer? Yeah, I didn't either.

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