A Day in the Life of My Scholar


I wake up with a pain in my neck...I have slept on it wrong. I roll over and realize Papa is still in bed. It must be really early! Papa's alarm goes off at 4:30am. He gets up to turn his alarm off and looks at me in shock. "What are you doing awake?!" he exclaims. "Can't Sleep", I say. As I sit up, I see light coming from under the door. Someone else is awake.

Gabriel is up playing with his LEGO's. When he sees us he starts chatting non stop about all he is building and all of his plans for today. Papa thinks we are crazy for being up this early...and I am inclined to agree with him. Coffee is needed for sure!

Papa kisses us both and then leaves for work still mumbling under his breath something about "crazy". I put a dinosaur documentary (Planet Dinosaur) on for Gabriel while he snuggles under his dinosaur blanket and the coffee is brewing. Then I sit down to gather my thoughts. Thanks to our sweet toddler Jade, dried Play-doh is still on the table from yesterday. Oh Yay, its in the carpet too!  Books litter the living room...as do LEGO's  and random other toys. I'll get to all that later. After 2 cups of coffee, I am ready for some Yoga and a light workout.

Around 7am, my neck feels better and Gabriel says he's ready for breakfast. Breakfast in our house is usually left overs from dinner.  Gabriels allergies do not allow for cereals, toast or eggs.  So, bacon topped hamburgers, wrapped in lettuce with kimchi it is! After breakfast he watches his favorite dinosaur documentary (Dinotasia).  Jade wakes up around 8:30am. While Gabriel is engrossed in dinosaurs,  I get her diaper changed, and get her fed.  I then play "Summer Nights' from the Grease soundtrack so that she can dance on her step stool potty with her babies.

I clean the play-doh off the table, along with some of the books. Then I proceed to clean the kitchen. The kids help me empty the dishwasher. They are always so helpful. With that done, I finally convince Jade to change her clothes. Surprisingly she doesn't want a dress today. She wants footie pajamas and fairy wings. She asks for a carrot and then goes off to play with her babies and wooden blocks.

Gabriel is now ready to make alum crystals. I found directions on alum crystal making here http://chemistry.about.com/cs/howtos/ht/alumcrystal.htm

I boiled the water for him and he measured out how much he needed. Then he stirred in the alum until it wouldn't dissolve anymore. We did 3 jars.  The last jar we added blue food coloring. He wanted to see if it will produce blue crystals. He then covered the jars with coffee filters. We will check on them tomorrow and proceed with the rest of the instructions.

12pm, it is time for lunch and Papa comes back home.  The kids wrestle with him in the floor as I get their plates on the table. While Gabriel eats, I hop on Facebook and Twitter to see what is happening. When done he starts his Saxon math worksheet that I had left on the table for him. Once I check his work, he and I go to the Lego room. He wants to add a snow fortress. So, he has me picking out all of the white Lego pieces I can find while he builds. I feel a little cheated. I can build too! But he insists I'm the best at finding the pieces he needs. Jade is playing with her babies again.

1pm and it is time for Jade to take a nap.  Papa puts her to bed while Gabriel gets his swim trunks and goggles. One of the perks of living in an apartment...indoor pool! He shows me his muscles and then jumps in. He swims for about an hour, and thoroughly enjoys himself. 

Around 3pm Gabriels friend Angel comes over. They play "Rulers of the LEGO Galaxy" the whole time.  While they are occupied, Jade and I play with the Play-doh again.  Putting different colored blocks, sticks, and wiggly eyes into is so much fun! I make dinner at 4:30 so that Gabriel and Angel can eat before they get picked up by Angels mom.


At 5pm Angels mom comes and picks up both Angel and Gabriel and takes them to Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park. Papa went back to work while Jade and I snuggled up on the couch to watch "Little House on the Prairie".  I love our snuggle time!

At 7pm Gabriel comes back home and we all snuggle on the couch while I read "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH". Papa comes back home around 7:45pm.  We play "Summer Nights" for Jade again, and "The Last Goodbye" by Billy Boyd for Gabriel.  Papa helps me tuck everyone into bed. A last round of hugs and kisses and then lights out.  Now I can relax on the couch and knit a little while before falling asleep myself.