Is This What Allergies Look Like?


It has been several months since my son Gabriel had an allergic reaction of any kind. We thought we were doing really great avoiding his allergens. You see, my son is allergic to eight different foods. While none of these allergens are epi pen serious...thank goodness...they all make him sick. We are talking sneezing, runny nose, draining, coughing, and fever for several days! That sounds more like seasonal allergies or a cold doesn't it? Well, for my son, it's food allergies.

This time Gabriel's allergy attack came from an unlikely source. A reputable companies chocolate bar that is known for being allergy friendly. However, upon further investigation, I noticed this particular package of chocolate did say it contained "trace amounts of corn."

Oops! Well....maybe trace amounts isn't enough to cause a problem..... Have you ever heard the saying, "Wish in one hand and s@#$ in the other and see which one fills up first?

Yep, trace amounts was all it took.

Within a few hours of eating the whole chocolate bar, which might I add I had told him not to do, he went from vibrant and swinging from the trees to sneezing, runny nose, coughing and passed out in the floor! For the next three days Gabriel ran a fever fluctuating from 101-102 degrees. He slept on our couch and Papa slept with him at night. He was draining so much he couldn't lay down to sleep. He also slept most of the day. Jade would sit with him while he slept and sing him songs. It was so sweet!

The only time he got up off the couch was to go to the bathroom. He ate very little and didn't talk much. Which, if you know Gabriel, is out of the norm for him. He is a chatter box.

Did you notice he also stayed in the same clothes for three days.... He wouldn't change. Anyway, this is what happens when our son is exposed to one of his allergens. This is not what I ever imagined food allergies would look like. But it is our reality.